10th International MADYMO Users Meeting

Preliminary Program

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Amsterdam, October 20-21, 2004

General Presentations & Keynote Lectures

TNO Automotive Safety Solutions strategy presentation
John Cooper (TNO)

Development of the MADYMO software, occupant models and user environment tools
Robert Kant, Marijn Teulings, Mike Garrett (TNO)

Keynote Lectures to be specified

Session Advanced Airbag Simulation

Use of MADYMO CFD to predict DAB deployment
Wookeun Lee (Ford Motor Company)

OOP modeling method
S.G. Hong (Mobis)

A study on the diffuser analysis of passenger airbag using Gas flow - Application and limitations
WonPil Ha (Mobis)

Consideration of Shock Waves in Airbag Deployment Simulations
Doris Rieger (BMW Group)

The Development and Validation of the Material Model Fabric_Shear
Ulrich Stein, Gerd Wei▀enbach, Manfred Schlenger (Autoliv GMBH), Mark Tyler-Street, Peter Ritmeijer (TNO)

Session Software Tools Supporting the User Process

MADYMO strategy to improve the user process
Ronald Sennema (TNO)

System Performance Optimization using AutoDOE
Gerardo Olivares (Key Safety Systems)

Complete, Efficient and Productive MADYMO modeling tools from EASi-CRASH MAD
Ganesha Choodappa (ESI)

Session Frontal Impact & Stochastics

Rated facet Hybrid-III 50th model with improved user-friendliness introduced
Han Hein Spit, Erik Hovenga (TNO)

Evaluation of MADYMO Thor-LX Model
Y. Kawabe, S. Zhao, K. Oobayashi (Nissan), M. Nagasawa, K. Kawaguchi (TNO)

Validation of MADYMO occupant simulation models using stochastic optimization
Adrian Langner, Dr. Norbert Bahlmann (Karmann)

Session Side Impact & Rollover

Correlation of human and dummy movement during rollover situations
Gerd Scholpp, Juergen Schmidt, Evelyn Winter (Siemens Restraint Systems)

Computer modeling of a lift truck and its driver to improve safety during lateral tipover
M. Koutchouk, C.╔. Aubin, M. Gou (╔cole Polytechnique of MontrÚal)

Application of a MADYMO finite element model to evaluate rollover roof crush
Stephen Ridella (TRW)

Evaluation of WorldSID and Eurosid II dummy models
Laetitia Valeur (PSA)

The effectiveness of the invention "JR System" in protecting the occupant in side impact collision
Kajetan Kietli˝ski and Michal Pŕdzisz (Warsaw University of Technology)

Stochastic Design Space Exploration of side impact problem using MADYMO
Pavel Dvorak (SKODA AUTO)

Session Pedestrian Safety & Biomechanics

Pedestrian development of a small car - Use of MADYMO structural FE to meet the ACEA voluntary agreement phase 1
Robert Vendrig, Freerk Bosma (TNO), Chul-Kee Hong, Jong-Hyun Yim, Dong-Seok Kim (GM-DAT)

Distribution of stress in the jaw joints in relation to muscle controlled jaw movement tasks
Jan Harm Koolstra (ACTA)

We are pleased to announce the
10th International MADYMO Users Meeting 
to take place on October 20-21 in Amsterdam. Location will be the beautiful Renaissance Amsterdam Hotel
right across from the central station in the heart of Amsterdam. 

Preliminary Program

Two parallel workshops will be given on October 19:

Workshop 1: Advanced Airbag Simulation

  • Numerical methods for robust optimisation; ADVISER & AutoDOE.
  • Airbag modelling; features v6.2, gasflow enhancements, inflator enhancements, fabrics.

Workshop 2: Seat modelling for impact and comfort analysis

  • Modelling & validation of Foam, Trim and seat structure using FE and facet technologies.
  • Contact definitions with various dummy and human model types.

Meeting venue and hotel information