The goal of the invention is to provide the method of protecting the car against blow effects, and to achieve the desired effect wherein the kinetic energy of the blowing car into a vehicle during the collision is transformed into work of displacement of the vehicle.It enables reduction or elimination of the deformation of the car body. The advantage of the invention is reduction of the reaction force of the weels on the base in case of collision with another vehicle by elimination of the weels contact with the base. It is achieved by rising the vehicle by using the elastic cushions which have rolling elements while contacting with the base.

System “JR” characterised by placing elastic air bags in the bottom part of the vehicle.Every air cushions is in the shape of unit having inside the gas release instantaneously operating,which is connected to the outer impact detectors through the central driver.

The simulations show that the decrease of the coefficient of friction between the tyres of the car and background during side collision may cause that the deformation of the car is less so the passengers of the car are safer.It is important to say that advatages are greater for collisions with heavy cars of great speed.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration* car drivers are 16 times more likely to die than SUV drivers and 26 times more likely die than picup drivers when their cars are hit in side- impact collisions.When a car hits another car ,the driver who is struck is only seven times more likely to die.

The effectiveness of the invention “JR System” in protecting the occupant in side impact collision

Kajetan Kietliński and Michał Pędzisz

Virtual Safety Engineering and Biomechanics Laboratory, Institute of Aeronautics and Applied Mechanics,
Warsaw University of Technology, Poland

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National Highway Traffic Safety Administration* - NHTSA - www.nhtsa.com

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